News for Week of March 4th

posted by Wayne
March 2, 2012

Trouble for Another Costa Ship

The Costa Allegra lost power in the Indian Ocean and was adrift for 3 days without power.  She has been towed safely to the port of Victoria on the Seychelles island of Mahe.

We are very familiar with events resulting from loss of power on a cruise ship.  We were aboard the Norway when she lost power and was adrift for 3 days.  No lights, no air conditioning, no flushing toilets, no hot food — these are some of the inconveniences caused by the failure of a ship’s ability to make power.  However the biggest thing to overcome was boredom.  There is absolutely nothing to do but read and complain.

Our captain tried to alleviate boredom by giving free drinks.  However, that resulted in fights and broken bones.

We are glad that the Allegra’s passengers have left the ship safely.  We also must point out that the news media got it wrong when they said that the Allegra was a “sister ship” to the Costa Concordia which capsized off the Italian coast last month.  The Concordia is 4 times larger than the Allegra and is hundreds of feet longer.

Disney Fantasy Visits the Big Apple

The newest Disney ship, the Disney Fantasy stopped in NY long enough to host a number of VIPs including Mayor Bloomberg as well as Seinfeld and it’s “godmother”, Mariah Carey.  The Fantasy headed past the Statue of Liberty and out to sea on Friday and will begin cruising nest week.

Passenger Robbed at Gunpoint in Puerto Vallerta

A group of passengers from the Carnival Splendour were robbed during a cruise line sponsored tour.  Masked bandits stopped their bus and stole money,  jewelry and cameras.  Fortunately, no one was injured.  We have recommeded for months that folks avoid the Pacific side of Mexico (the route of the Love Boat).  However, we don’t see the same dangers in Cozumel and Cancun, which are located on the Caribbean side.






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